ACTC opening

Today the Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture Conference 2021 starts with our technical presentation about " In vivo to in vitro".

Happening now! We are live at "Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture Conference". Don’t miss the animal free research and microphysiological systems session today from 9:45 am to 13:00 pm BST at the Main Stage, with Dr. Clive Roper and Dr. Charu Chandrasekera as Keynote Speakers!

Our Dr. Karina Cuanalo-Contreras will open the session at 9:50 am with the presentation "In vivo to in vitro: From challenges to opportunities".

Stop by our stand to meet her for expert talk about cell culture applications and Vivian Monteban for custom development and manufacturing of membranes and plastic components!

We are looking forward to e-meeting you and exchanging ideas! Register and meet us here: