Application reviews and reports of cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts

What do you know about…TEER?

Karina Cuanalo-Contreras, PhD

Tissue barriers are of fundamental importance and play a primary role in homeostasis. They are protective and serve functions such as filtration, secretion, absorption and excretion. Tissue barriers are widespread throughout the body and are…

Development and optimisation of an air-liquid interface model using immortalised airway epithelial cells and cellQART® Inserts

Dr. Kristina Nehlsen and Dr. Tobias May | InSCREENeX GmbH (

InSCREENeX generated immortalised airway epithelial cells representing the upper (nasal epithelial cells) and the lower (bronchial and alveolar epithelial cells) respiratory tract. They describe the culture of immortalised airway cells at the…