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cellQART® – Cell Culture Products

High-quality products for cell culture

Discover a better way for cell culture – discover cellQART® made by SABEU!

We are the original manufacturer and develop our own products for the field of cell culture. Our mission is to enable our users to create a safer, healthier and more ethical world through the use of cell culture methods.

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How it works

Our Cell Culture Inserts are cell cultivation vessels with a semipermeable TRAKETCH® Membrane. The microporous membrane splits a chamber into two compartments and is attached to a Cell Culture Insert body that keeps it in place. The Insert body is made of transparent plastic. The cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts are placed into well plates, where cell culture media is added. Cells grown on cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts benefit from in vivo-like conditions and have access to nutrients or substances from the apical and basolateral side.

Find the right product

Let our product advisor help you select the right product for your application.


With our cellQART® Cell Culture Products, we meet the highest standards at affordable prices. Discover the broad range of products and possibilities.

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Quality, reproducibility, versatility – cellQART® Cell Culture Products meet the needs of every customer’s application. Explore more advantages you will have with cellQART.

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Our cellQART® Cell Culture Products are used by academic labs, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic companies, contract research organizations and toxicology testing centers.

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Advantages of cellQART®

cellQART® made by SABEU offers high-quality products for your cell culture needs. As the original manufacturer of superior Cell Culture Products and with customers around the globe, we guarantee affordable products that meet highest standards.

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Why cellQART®?

In many cases, high-quality Cell Culture Products might not always be manufactured directly by the brand you buy from and are therefore marketed at unnecessarily high prices. As the true OEM founded in 1958, we control a lean supply chain to the end user. We make superior Cell Culture Products affordable, thus providing an optimal solution for customer demand for innovative products whilst meeting the highest standards.


Our Cell Culture Products are used for growing cells in a favorable artificial environment. They are used in a wide range of research and development applications, including cancer research, drug development, tissue engineering and toxicity testing.

Cell culture is a powerful method to replace, reduce and refine animal testing. With cellQART®, we are committed to animal welfare and are proud to offer the best-in-class Cell Culture Products to enable the use of new alternative methods (NAMs).


With our cellQART® Cell Culture Products, we are committed to the 3Rs principle of reducing, refining and replacing animal testing while advancing human benefit.

With cellQART®, we want to enable our users to create a safer, healthier and more ethical world through the use of cell culture methods.