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Single Cell Culture Inserts

6-, 12- and 24-Well

Our cellQART® Single Cell Culture Inserts are designed by a highly qualified team of cell biologists, polymer chemists and product developers. Setting new standards in cell cultivation, this product is suitable for a variety of applications. What’s more, our entire plastics and membrane production is located in the same plant, meaning you get a quality product made in Germany from one single source!

cellQART® Single Cell Culture Inserts come with PET membranes in translucent, clear extended culture or clear optics and are delivered in 6-, 12- and 24-Well format. We offer the individually packed Cell Culture Inserts in the following pore sizes: 0.4, 1, 3, 5 and 8 microns.

Applications and advantages at a glance

cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts are permeable supports commonly used for tissue barrier modeling and for studying the permeability and toxicity of drugs, chemicals, foods and cosmetics. They allow convenient pipette access and optimized gas exchange, as well as other benefits:

  • TC treated
  • Gamma sterilized
  • RNase- / DNase-free and non-pyrogenic
  • Individually packed in a blister
  • Compatible with most standard cell culture plates
  • Supplied with 48 Inserts per box

Advantages of cellQART® Single Cell Culture Inserts

  • Wide window for comfortable pipette access
  • Asymmetric positioning and comfortable pipette access to the cultivation vessel
  • Lowered top edge for better pipette access to the cultivation vessel
  • Lowered top edge and embossed spots on arms for better gas exchange
  • RNase- / DNase-free and non-pyrogenic
  • Compatible with most standard cell culture plates
  • Industry's leading quality standards to ensure 100% membrane parameter consistency and reproducible cell culture results
  • Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 and ISO class 8 cleanroom classification
  • Project-based customization possible with 100% in-house production of plastics & membrane components

Within our own TRAKETCH® Membrane product line

cellQART® Cell Culture Hanging Inserts are devices that contain a semipermeable PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET) membrane which is produced within our own product line (called TRAKETCH®) in-house by SABEU. This way, we can guarantee 100% parameter consistency, which is important for reproducible cell culture results.

This membrane splits a chamber into two compartments and is attached to a plastic Insert body that keeps it in place on the well plate. The Insert body is made of transparent plastic.

More about our membrane technology

cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts contain a microporous membrane (TRAKETCH®) which is produced from ultra-thin PET films that are bombarded with accelerated noble gas ions. The goal of this step is to break the molecular chains of the polymer to create ion tracks that are clearly defined by their density and angles. The desired pore density is accurately determined by the ion beam intensity and the film velocity. Through the meticulous control of all of these manufacturing factors, we are able to produce superior optical translucent and clear membranes. Afterwards, the ion tracks are chemically etched into pore channels. The diameter of these pores can be determined with sub-micrometer accuracy. Finally, membranes are treated with air plasma to promote optimal cell attachment.

How to use cellQART® Single Cell Culture Inserts

Verify that the blister, Insert and Membrane are undamaged before use. Be careful not to touch or damage the Membrane. Ensure ideal cell growth conditions, such as a controlled environment and temperatures below 50°C. When using products in wells, make sure to keep at least 1 mm space between the Membrane and the base of the well. Keep products away from strong acids, strong caustic solutions and organic solvents. All products are for single use only.

cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts are for research purposes only and are not intended for use in diagnostic or medical applications.

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