Customization with 100% in-house plastics & membrane production

You might have thought about a better product to support your cell culture innovation roadmap already.
Based on our experience with product development projects here is a selection of potential starting points / use cases for our first project:

  • 2 hours workshop to translate application needs into commercial, technical and regulatory requirements.
  • Modification of an existing cell culture insert currently used in your lab (e.g. dimensional changes for optimized workflow and lower total cost).
  • Run a Design-of-Experiments with different membrane parameters to identify the best design fit for your application.
  • Manufacture prototypes based on already existing design.
  • Co-develop a breakthrough application from scratch. (e.g. 96-Well high throughput format)
  • Design-for-Manufacturing optimization for an already designed product idea.
  • Large scale industrialization of high runner disposables.

With a proven track record of collaborative product development in the fields of cell culture, rapid microbiology, oncology testing and medical devices we are eager to bring your ideas to life. Our R&D project management organization is prepared to co-develop products designed around your individual needs.

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From injection molding tools to assembly – SABEU plastic components are made in our new and ultramodern plant which includes its own tool shop in Northeim, Germany. As a medical technology, biotech and laboratory diagnostics system vendor, we work under clean room conditions and guarantee our customers highly precise solutions for every application.

TRAKETCH® Filter Membranes by SABEU are mainly used for the filtration as well as for venting in a number of applications and markets – predominantly in the pharmaceutical, laboratory analysis, bio technology as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical packaging, the automotive and electronics industries.