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Interview with Barbara Hoffmann

Peek behind the scenes of SABEU (Part 2) and meet our HR Manager Barbara Hoffmann.

Born in Salzburg, Austria she found her way to Northeim, Germany where she has been working at our headquarters for the past 5 years. Barbara enjoys spending her free time with her family, she is married and hast two children.

Together with Barbara we will continue the series of employee interviews which we´ve started with our CEO Dennis Benkmann and share some insights with you regarding the daily work at SABEU GmbH & Co. KG.

Barbara, tell us what your typical working day looks like?
Well… I arrive at the office in the morning and first adjust my priorities based on the necessities and most important needs. It is especially important to me to have an open ear for ALL employees and still manage not to lose focus, which is the challenging, but equally the most important task. I must accept that I will not finish all my planned tasks, it is part of the role for HR – BUT hey that´s the job and I really enjoy it!

What´s your highlight when you look back to the past 12 months?
I don´t have a specific highlight, but if someone thanks me for a good conversation or collaboration, even when the topics are not pleasant...then I have the feeling that I did it right and that´s always a highlight for me.

Which tools are necessary for your daily work?
I can do my job without any tools, but never without the people who are working on the same goals and who are successfully steering our company into the future, focused on our strategy and our vision. These people can be found in all departments. They work hard, are motivated and loyal, they have ideas, take responsibility, and feel connected. Without their commitment and their cooperation my work would have no effect and would not be motivating for me.