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Interview with Dennis Benkmann

Take a glance behind the scenes of SABEU GmbH & Co. KG and meet our CEO Dennis Benkmann …

Since his appointment in 2018 he established a new direction for the company together with his team.

Born and raised in the area of Hamburg he dedicated most of his career in the medical device industry and enjoys hiking & rock climbing in the Dolomites together with his wife.

Today we would like to get some insights about his view on working with SABEU.

What was the highlight / one of the highlights since you‘re with SABEU?

There is a strategic and an operational hightlight I would like to emphasize: As a hidden champion in the field of plastics and membrane technology we see a variety of applications that could benefit from our expertise, but cannot be equally served all at once. Consequently, we chose to focus on those 5 with the highest global impact and purpose. These are:

  • Making animal testing obsolete,
  • Eliminating the risk from hazardous goods,
  • Accelerating rapid testing,
  • Enabling transition towards green energy,
  • Empowering access to healthcare and life sciences solutions.

It is very rewarding to proof that a socio-ecological mission can go along with economic needs of a business.

From an operational perspective I would highlight our delivery performance during the pandemic: not only that we managed to serve our global customers each and every day, we also more than doubled our manufacturing capacity and shipments for life saving products within only a few weeks!

What do you like most about working at SABEU?

At SABEU we live a culture of “the solution is always in the room”. This makes us creative, reliable and flexible. Attributes that I prefer in times of change.

Are you “Team Office” or “Team Homeoffice”?

I prefer a good balance of both. At SABEU we focus on results and encourage alignment within teams. With our advanced IT infrastructure we are prepared to work from anywhere and moved all our meetings to virtual.