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Interview with Ines Müller

Take a look behind the scenes of SABEU – Part 5 and meet Ines Müller our Inside Sales Manager for Life Science, Medical & Industrial!

Ines is not only a dedicated Inside Sales Manager for our three divisions Life Sciences, Medical & Industrial, but she is also a devoted family person. When she's not in the office, you can find her spending time with her loved ones, hiking, walking or even mountain biking. Ines will give us an insight into her SABEU journey, from how she started in the important role she plays within the company today.

Ines, you've been with the company since 2017. Can you tell us about your early career at SABEU?

I joined SABEU in May 2017. There was a vacancy in sales, so I decided to apply and see if it would be a good mutual fit. SABEU, as an employer is very attractive to me because I feel very close to my home country and working close to home was favorable to me. I started in the FLUXX® Packaging division, but later, due to growth and restructuring, I had the opportunity to move to another division. Since then, I have been responsible for three divisions.

You're now the Inside Sales Manager for Life Science, Medical & Industrial. Which product areas do you manage, and do you have a favorite product?

I am responsible for our medical, laboratory, plastics & membrane products, as well as product solutions for industrial applications, and have responsibilities for a wide range of customer groups. All the products I manage have a certain charm, so I appreciate each of them. For example, with our cellQART® cell culture products, we are helping to replace animal testing with alternative methods.

Can you share a memorable project or experience from your career at SABEU and tell us what you like about SABEU as an employer?

No two days are the same and each new day brings new challenges. As a small highlight, I remember being involved in the launch of our cellQART® brand, a new product line introduction. I particularly value the appreciation I receive from my colleagues and superiors for the work I do. In addition to a short commute, SABEU offers me flexible working hours, the option to work from home and a bicycle lease.

Thank you for providing insights into your journey and experiences, Ines. We're grateful to have you as part of our SABEU team!