cellZscope® TEER systems are 100% compatible with cellQART® Inserts

Prepared by: nanoAnalytics GmbH (nanoanalytics.com)

TEER measurements are of fundamental importance to evaluate barrier integrity of in vitro epithelial and endothelial monolayer barriers.

The use of cell inserts is a gold standard to perform TEER assays. cellQART® Inserts contain porous supports designed to simulate the physiological condition where the cell monolayer acts as a diffusion barrier between the apical and basolateral sides.

Traditional TEER assays involve the use of a pair of electrodes that are manually inserted to measure the resistance across a cell monolayer. This is a labour intensive method that increases the risk of contamination.

cellZscope® is a computer controlled and automated TEER measurement system. cellZscope® allows for accurate and reliable TEER measurements in physiological conditions inside the incubator.

All the cellZscope® systems are compatible with the 6-, 12- and 24-Well cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts.

Customer's voice

nanoAnalytics GmbH

"cellQART inserts are ideally suited for use in our devices for impedance-based analysis of barrier forming cell cultures. The combination of cellQART inserts with instruments of the cellZscope product line makes a reliable and precise system for automatic measurements of the transepithelial or transendothelial electrical resistance (TER). This allows to systematically study the influence of substances such as drugs, toxins or nanoparticles on the barrier function of cell layers under physiological conditions.”

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