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6-, 12- and 24-Well Cell Culture Inserts and pre-loaded Well Plates

With our cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts we are committed to the 3Rs principle of reducing, refining and replacing animal testing while advancing human benefit. Further, we are dedicated to resolve the dilemma of customer needs for innovative cell culture products meeting highest standards at affordable prices.

This product portfolio come with PET membranes in translucent, clear extended culture or clear optics in 6-, 12- and 24-Well format. The Inserts are tissue culture treated, sterile and are compatible with most standard Cell Culture Plates. Additionally cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts are available with our especially designed Well Plates. These Well Plates are supplied in 6-, 12- and 24-Well format, are sterile and pre-loaded with cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts.


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