Application reports

Scientific use cases of cellQART® Cell Culture Inserts

Development and optimisation of an air-liquid interface model using immortalised airway epithelial cells and cellQART® Inserts

July, 2020 | Dr. Kristina Nehlsen and Dr. Tobias May | InSCREENeX GmbH Inhoffenstr. 7, 38124 Braunschweig, Germany |

InSCREENeX generated immortalised airway epithelial cells representing the upper (nasal epithelial cells) and the lower (bronchial and alveolar epithelial cells) respiratory tract.

They describe the culture of immortalised airway cells at the air-liquid interface on cellQART® permeable membranes in the application report which could be downloaded right here.

Additionally, InSCREENeX used the cell culture models to develop a differentiation medium for the alveolar cells, which reduced the time needed to form a tight barrier 2-fold. This can be a useful in vitro airway model for infection research, drug development and respiratory toxicology.